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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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dirty politics reach a new low. an ad so offensive, you to see it to believe it. how long will the warm january weather last? topper with your forecast. our time line of harry thomas your's fall from office
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-- jr's fall from office. >> he has now admitted to his crimes, pleading guilty to two federal charges, accused of steals hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for youth sports programs in the district. the stunning time line of the demise of a promising political career. >> reporter: it began last year when he defending steals hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i think the body of work my life represents will one represent that, and then the personal work i did for the clinics was done and there was no misdirecting of funds. >> reporter: later he agreed to pay the money back in installments of $50,000 at a time. in early december as part of an ongoing investigation, federal agents with the fbi and i.r.s. raided his home, seizing his suv, motorcycle, and other person items. thomas refused to answer any
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questions regarding the raid. >> my lawyers will give you a comment. i have no comment at this time. >> reporter: he votes for an ethics bill just before the board went on a recess. 9 news was the first to report his intention to resign in anticipation of a plea deal. >> this will be a shock to a lot of people. a lot of people didn't think it would come to this. >> reporter: following bruce johnson's report on tuesday night, he didn't show up to work the next day. on thursday he was hit with two federal charges, accused of taking kickbacks by stealing money from a youth sporting program and failing to report the income. the dc mayor was quick to react. >> it's a very sad day. >> reporter: today the 51-year- old pled guilty to everything. >> today i want to apologize to those i have let down, including my constituents, neighbors, friends, residents of ward 5, the mayor, fellow council members, and government
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officials who serve the community tirelessly. new at 11, firefighters on the scene of a fire in the district. it started just before 9:45, and this is in the 4400 block of pon street northeast. so far no reports of injuries or how the fire started. at least ten people are displaced as a result. roads around the neighborhood are also blocked off in northeast dc. 35 years behind bars for taking the life of her own 2-year-old granddaughter. that was the sentence handed down today for carmelo delarosa. what do you think of the punishment? >> a little harsh, that's it. >> she threw the child off the board walk in front of the child's parents. she admitted she did it to get back at her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock and said she was
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jig louse of the -- jealous of the little girl. >> she loved her more than me. >> tossing an innocent child off a bridge, that's hard to imagine anything worse than that. resting on the insanity defense, throwing my granddaughter off the bridge, but don't hold me accountable because i'm depressed. that doesn't wash. >> she loved her granddaughter, and she would never do anything purposely to hurt her. her mental illness is the only reason and explanation for what happened. >> in the end, the urge followed the jury's recommendation to sentence her to 35 years in prison, calling what she did almost beyond comprehension. do you know anybody who seems to have a dark cloud following their every move? nick clayton seemed to have one of those dark clouds until the day he died. his friends want him laid to rest with dignity.
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he died when his friend drove a group into a tree. he found his brother dead christmas day 10 years ago. 6 months ago, his mother died, his father moved to florida, and inspectors condemned his apartment. his friends are trying to raise money for a plot next to his mother and brother. >> he had a good heart. he would do the same thing for any of us. >> the funeral home is accepting costs for the service and the cemetery plot for nick clayton. the joy that comes with expecting for first child is overshadowed by a woman as she plans her husband's funeral. gregory sears was found dead in front of his home. investigators think the 36-year- old was the victim of an
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apparent robbery. he leaves behind his pregnant wife who is due next month. no arrests have been made. if you know anything about what happened to him, please call the police. you may not have heard much so far about the presidential campaign of former utah governor, john huntsman, but he's in the spotlight because of a web attack. his americanism is being questioned because of his adoption of a chinese daughter. the ron paul campaign is calling it disgusting and wants it taken down. >> reporter: presidential politics on the web. herman cain's campaign manager gets press for smoking. ♪ i am america >> reporter: and three of john huntsman daughters -- >> tomorrow is friday. >> reporter: and make fun of the smoker. ♪ i am america >> reporter: but the fun turned ugly with this ad that questions huntsman american values in part because he
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speaks chinese and adopted a chinese daughter. >> first of all, it's stupid. >> reporter: he said it's okay to poke fun of him. >> what i object to is bringing forward pictures and videos of my adopted daughters and suggesting there's some sinister motive there. >> he names every animal after disney characters, and he was a foster child. >> reporter: nancy doesn't get that antihuntsman web ad. >> i think there is nothing more american than adopting a child that has been abandoned anywhere in the world. >> reporter: her daughters have learned politician's kids can get drug into any ad discussion. >> voters were being asked if they would vote for john mccain
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if they would vote for him if they knew he fostered a black child. >> reporter: ron paul's campaign says they had nothing to do with it. for many american families like this one, an unanswered question. >> it makes me mystified why something that nutty would advance the political campaign. >> reporter: huntsman's daughter now 12, adopted after she was abandoned in a market in china, his 6-year-old was abandoned in a field in india, apparently only hours after her birth. john mccain has several adopted children, including a girl from bangladesh, the question from the robo calls they learned about in school and macy today registered to vote. >> it's hard to fathom this. gary, thank you. talk about strange
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politics. the moonlight bunny ranch, pimping for paul. the girls are tributing campaign donations and asking the clients to do the same. they like his support for limited government that does not step on their personal rights and also the fact he used to be a gynecologist seriously. >> when you want a man in office, you want a man who knows his way around the woman. >> if a man comes in saying i'm pimping for paul, they are have a really good time, won't they girls? >> yeah! >> folks at the bunny ranch think their support will carry a great deal of weight saying their website gets 125 million hits every month. convenience turns into frustration after complaints the district's pay by phone parking is not working. elizabeth stone has gotten three tickets in mistakes and
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paid $150 in fines and overdraft fees. parkmobile says it could be human error or a delay. stone just wants the problem corrected. >> overall i have been frustrated, but i think i might have to keep using it because there's no better alternative that i can see. it's a broken system. >> 99.75% of the time the transactions work as designed. the system works great, people like it, and there are a few occasions where people get tickets in error, and those tickets can be adjudicated and obviously we are working to ensure that doesn't happen to try to reduce the number of those. >> ddot and park mobile says there's only a few mistakes with the thousands of daily users. just as we expect it to be cold in january, we can expect more delays on metro. the transit agency is
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inspecting hundreds of rail cars after a brake park fell off a train near the stadium armory station, causing delays on the yellow and blue lines. metro is now checking out all 464 of the 2,000 series rail cards. the inspections will last into next week. today's incident is 2.5 weeks after a friction ring fell off a blue line ring near laflem plaza. don't be surprised if you see a lot of bare legs this sunday, and it will not just be because of the weather. not pants metro ride. you can't say we didn't warn you. it will probably be more comfort tomorrow than sunday. 63 today. the average high, 43. here's your wakeup weather. temperatures to start will be chilly. it's still january. temperatures in the 30s. by 10:00, most of us will be in the 50s, and a chilly start and then mild again. we will come back and i actually raised the highs for tomorrow, and we will talk
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about that and the next big storm when that will roll in. coming n an about face with alcohol and breast cancer, but only applies to one beverage, that's tonight's health alert. it looks like some crooks took a page from hollywood when they broke into this jewelry store. a look at the elaborate heist. why this picture may spark a lawsuit. that's after the break. stay with us on 9 news this friday night.
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if a high school senior picture makes the news, there's probably a reason why in colorado an 18-year-old is considering legal action against her high school because they will not let her use a certain photo in the yearbook. this is the one that sydney speas wants saying it shows who she is, but durango high school says it's too racy and in violation of the school dress code. >> some people may think it's sexy or inappropriate, or whatever their views may b but i think it's artistic, and i think it's a good expression of who i am as a person. i'm a dancer, trying to be a model, and i'm really enjoying photography, and i think it's a
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good thing to represent me, and i think they are taking away my freedom of expression. >> she offered a second photo for the yearbook, but they rejected that one as well. she is fighting the decision because there's no policy the senior picture have to -- pictures have to follow the dress code. george clooney where were you on january 2nd? thieves stole $2 million in diamonds and other gems, and to do it they cut power to a shopping center, bypassed the triple alarms, bypassed the metal doors, and they had wooden boards on the floor spiked with nails. would you also believe the jewelry store owner did not carry insurance for the loss? caught on tape, a police chase ending with a suspect involved in a violent crash.
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this is video from a bust in oklahoma city. just as the bus comes around the corner, a car comes barreling towards it. the drive slams into a pickup truck and crashed into two other cars. police say the four men in the car just broke into a house, and they were trying to get away. officers were able to catch three of them. so you know that plasma tv you ordered from the store? well delivery could take a little longer. this tractor trailer had a little transport problem, running off the highway in minnesota, and it slid across a pond covered in ice, and then it sank up to the windshield. the driver, it's okay, your new tv? hope you didn't really need it this weekend. that's a sight you don't often see. look at that, up to the windshield. >> wow, look at the trail! >> wow. okay. good thing he is okay. >> yeah, yeah. >> now any kind of -- we are not seeing ice around here? >> no, we are just not.
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we are in like a spring mode, a picture day. a tulip was coming up. >> yeah, we hit 63. that's what happens. there will be temperature corrections but not for awhile. let's start with the camera, live shot outside, and this is brought to you by michael and cam. a very nice. >> randy: it -- a very nice evening; it really is. the ample -- the average high, 42-43. these are the temperatures at 11:00 at night, good deal. humidity, 30%. temperatures into the 30s tonight, but certainly above freezing, i think downtown. breezy and mild tomorrow, and there's a cold front that will approach and roll through here tomorrow evening. clearing us late saturday, but ahead of it, we will be mild. winds southwest, especially through the morning and early afternoon. behind the cold front, okay, cooler sunday and monday. when we start in the 60s and cool back down into the upper
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40s, that's not that drastic. we are looking at light rain close to us on monday. right now, i think it will be south of us, down to the northern neck and southern maryland, and we will stay posted all weekend. i think it will be too far south to affect the metro area. one blanket night, maybe. lows in the 30s, and winds out of the southwest at 10. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy, and chilly. grab your sunglasses. you need a coat or light jacket in the morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. south westerly winds at 10 to 15 warming us up very, very quickly. by afternoon, we went ahead and raised the temperatures. partly cloudy, breezy, and mild. i could say warm, but mild for now. high temperatures around 60. winds will become north westerly at 10 to 15 when the front clears us. that said, looking like wow, 60 degrees tomorrow. the record high is 76. nowhere near the record, but still, a pretty nice day for
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january. we will break it down. 30s to start at 6:00 in the morning. generally clear skies, 55 to 60 by noon, and then 57 to 62 by evening. gorgeous, gorgeous day. the next three days, the cold front goes through, taking temperatures down a bit. 49 on sunday, but a nice day. monday, we will keep a drop in there to the south of town. dropping temperatures a hair. temperature on monday also in the upper 40s. the next 7 days, well, okay, there we go. next 7 days, temperatures rebounding quickly on tuesday, back into the mid-50s, and then, pretty good rainstorm. i mean this could be a big storm on wednesday. rain here, temperatures in the mid-50s. talking about this earlier. really no cold air anywhere. it will produce rain in chicago and detroit and boston. probably in almost all of maine. behind it, temperatures raising to the 30s. i kept 42 and friday. arctic air could be here behind the storm next week.
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looking ahead, lots of snow geese talking to me. i don't see a whole change. i see a change for a come of days and then back to above average. >> okay, in tonight's health alert, more advise for women about breast cancer and how to avoid it. recently we have heard the danger of too much alcohol when it comes to risk factors for this disease, but one drink may have a different affect. >> i enjoy red wine. >> reporter: for years we have been told to limit our alcohol intake to limit the risk of breast cancer, but now drinking red wine in moderation may have a protective effect. researchers looked at 36 younger women, drinking 8- ounces every day for almost a month, and then say switched to the other type of wine. they saw a difference in the women drinking red. >> in red wine, the hormone levels, the estrogen levels
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decreased, and testosterone levels increased. >> reporter: they say it's encouraging news because the change in pattern suggests it may prevent the growth of cancer cells it challenges much of the current findings on alcohol and breast can seasoner season -- cancer. one study last year said women's risk increased if they had 3-6 drinks a week. they did not see the same protective effect with white wine. >> red wine has red grapes, the red seed going into the processing of making that. that's been found to have chemicals that shift thest throw general level -- shift the the estrogen levels to be lower. >> there's no question that heavy drinking of any type of alcohol over time cancels out any health benefits. are you forgetting stuff
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more easily, looking for your glasses on top of your head or driving away with your coffee on the top of your car? age-related memory loss can start earlier than first thought. at first experts thought it started at age 60, but british researchers found it can begin in the mid-to late 40s. that study begins in the british medical journal. fortunately we are nowhere near that. >> nowhere near that. >> okay. >> stretching it a bit. >> great stuff tonight. >> what's going on? >> they got their money's worth. great stuff tonight. how about the wizards? great stuff for the people of washington. the defense, shooting, and john wall, off the hook. how about that? you will love the highlights. down 20 points in the 2nd half. the terps right where they want to be. a cool 32 from lopez. highlights next.
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with all the negative mojo surrounding the wizards, you have to wonder how they would play tonight. not a lot of positive things said about the wizards except for my colleague who sat here tonight and guaranteed the
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wizards' victory at 6:00. flamboyant maybe? i don't know. we will see. big fan, that's for sure. playing well by singleton. how about that up, up, and away. john wall looking like the breakaway fullback. washington up by 1. carmelo anthony. baltimore native shock collar. 37 points, 10 in the 4th. wizards win. nick young with 24 not 26. the wizards fall to 0-7. 99-96. >> it's you know disappointing because we played hard. we played with good energy. we had some areas we got better in. i felt bad for the guys as hard as they competed. we have to lace it up tomorrow and come back on sunday. >> minnesota here on sunday. fletcher snubbed by the probowl voters and it was announced today he made second team.
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no other redskins made the team. bowman from prince george's county. we have been singing the praises of the maryland women's team, and for good reason. brenda has got them back in business, ranked fifth in the nation, and the lady terps in trouble tonight. needing a drink, a cold one, not that kind of a drink, but annetta is part of a spin mama. maryland down by 1, melissa thomas, money earning. maryland coming back from 20 down to remain unbeaten. 77-74. time for our prep game of the week. 6,000 of you voted, thank you on the ladies get in for free. visiting sherwood. this is how you do it, guys.
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the ball never touches the floor, almost, one bounce. blair's problem, or i should say sherwood's problem is blair. our producer, tom huntsger, very, very happy. >> you go girl. that's awesome! >> there you go. we will be right back.
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i can't get you guys to stop talking. that's 9 news for tonight. have a fabulous weekend. we will see you back here on monday. >> thank you.
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